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As you embark into the journey of self-discovery and self-actualization. You may have questions regarding your specific stage of the journey. We are here for you.  For any questions please email me at


Our Philosophy

We believe that everyone has a gift, and that this gift when unwrapped becomes available to others. Our philosophy is that in order to discover your deeper purpose and gifts and to create with them and share them, you need tools to connect within.

We believe that you have the possibility to IMPACT others with your gifts:
To make a difference in other people’s lives—those we have and have not yet touched. To learn and share the gift of life’s lessons while acknowledging the unique gifts in one another.

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Our mission is to empower you to unwrap your gift for the world—and while doing so, to discover the amazing journey it holds.

Everyone can experience the possibility of finding their own transformative power as well as the courage to live a life based on their unique gift.

A gift university in which you learn tools to creative a life aligned with your higher purpose, gifts and essence.

A 3 stage process that starts with discovering your gifts, creating with your gifts and sharing your gifts. To learn to live a life where you honor your purpose or calling, make the conscious decision to unwrap. The essence of who you are and the lessons you learn during your unwrapping are the foundation to your truth and your real gift.