What is an Inner Gift?

It is your unique gift that only you have, that only you can receive and that you only you can give and share.

Inner Gifts.

Welcome to “Discover your Inner Gifts.” We are so excited you have join us in a journey to transformation, to connect deeper with yourself so that you can live a life filled with authenticity, joy and the freedom to be you.

I have always been curious about my gifts. As a child I often asked questions like, What am I here to do? or, why am I here?”, I asked deeper questions, found my talents, and I taught that if I built a career around my talents then I would be really joyful and happy. ¬†However, something deeper was calling me to experience a journey to myself to discover deep inside my gifts and my inner nature. Please join me in the video below so I can share with you what inner gifts are, and why they are so important for you in all aspects of your life.

In many ways, we have been taught that our gifts are our talents and abilities, and that is a part of what our gifts are. Sometimes, we feel disconnected with our gifts because we haven’t been taught how to create a deeper connection with ourselves.

There is more to our gifts than what we have been taught. Inner gifts, as I know them, arise when we are able to have a deeper connection with ourselves, giving us a better understanding of our own inner nature as well as our own gifts and talents. When we connect with this power, we discover a deeper sense of purpose and a deeper understanding of our yearnings, as well as what we truly desire from life.

It is all a process of self-discovery, self-actualization and deeper inner connection.


Please download the Inner Gifts workbook and start learning more about your gifts.

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