Virginia’s Transformative Power retreat was a mind and heart opening experience.

It took me on a journey to get me in touch with limiting beliefs and fears that have been stopping me from opening up to all the possibilities. Through a powerful exercise, it guided me to become aware and acknowledge them so I could then begin the process of letting go.  I left the retreat with a clearer view of my gifts and how I can offer to the world in an authentic way.  I also reconnected to a deep sense of gratitude for all the lessons I have experienced in my life. It made me realize that even those seemingly negative experiences, have a purpose and there is always divine order present. The exercises provide a fresh perspective about life as a wonderful journey no matter what is going on in our lives. It made me want to embrace the current challenges in my life with gratitude as it reminded me they are here to make me more powerful. I highly recommend this retreat to anyone who is interested in becoming free from limits and blocks and live a more authentic life!


Rosie Student